Power Outage Leaves Thousands Without Electricity

A thunderstorm in East Pennsboro has caused a massive power outage all over Cumberland County. Thousands were left without electricity and crews of electricians scrambling to restore power to the grid. Even as these service crews worked at restoring power back to the county, another storm hit and knocked out power to even more homes. It took the utility companies’ days since the first storm hit to recover power to their customers.

Met-Ed reported just a few customers experiencing a power outage at the beginning of the storm but as it rolled through the county that small number became hundreds. This was nothing, however, in comparison to what PPL customers experienced as their coverage area took a massive hit. What started out with one report of a power outage in Hampden Township, soon hit over 70,000 customers. Several townships and counties were affected as the storm watch continued. When the severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings were finally called off, it had left tens of thousands of people in East Pennsboro without power.

As the reports rolled in, electrical service crews went out to restore power. Met-Ed and PPL continued to monitor on their websites which areas were still down and which had been brought back up. Down power lines had to be fixed. Trees that had fallen on cables had to be removed. Damaged electrical stations and units needed restoration. Fortunately, for the residents and businesses of East Pennsboro, the utility companies were able to restore in short order after the storm’s passing.

Sometimes power outages happen. Sometimes they are caused by natural disasters and other times not. It’s always good to have an electrical restoration backup plan for your home and business should it happen to you.